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Therapeutic Services for Various Health Conditions

Better Care Home Health, as a home health care agency that strives to provide full-suite services, also provides therapeutic services that significantly help patients improve the quality of their health and overall well-being. Delivered by our team of licensed professionals, here are the therapies we offer:

Physical Therapy
This therapy does huge wonders to your body including the reduction or elimination of pain, improvement in mobility, prevention of or recovery from a stroke or sports injury, effective management of heart, lung, diabetes, vascular, and age-related issues, and many others.
Occupational Therapy
Turning daily activities to therapeutic use, occupational therapists treat ill, disabled, or injured patients helping them to improve their independence, strength, and endurance, as well as work on visual deficits, functional cognition, and use of adaptive equipment and home modifications.
Speech Therapy
Speech therapy benefits children and adults alike with speech impairments as articulation, resonance, receptive, and fluency disorders as well as aphasia and dysarthria.

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