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Reliable Support for Your Medical Needs

Nowadays, more and more patients prefer to recuperate at home due to home health care services being more affordable and convenient compared to hospitalization. Better Care Home Health lets you have this opportunity via the following services:

Wound care
Whatever the skin injuries you’re dealing with – lacerations, cuts, tears, gashes, floor burns, abrasions, scrapes, scratches, or bruises, you can rely on us for thorough medical support.
High Acuity Home Care
The patient acuity system helps determine the number of nurses to tend to the patients’ needs based on their health conditions.
IV Infusion Therapy
Certain health conditions such as asthma, immune deficiencies, psoriasis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, gastrointestinal diseases, and others will need biologics or specialty infusion medications. let Better Care Home Health handle the administration of this therapy to limit medical patient mistakes.
Clinical Education
We may also educate the patients and their families, especially on medical care methods. A common goal for this service is to let patients feel independent as possible, thus, the teaching of self-care methods involving others in the care process.
Postoperative Assessments
Let us determine which type of care you or your loved ones need after surgery.
Telehealth Monitoring
Our visiting nurses and physicians perform both traditional and telehealth monitoring. Our telehealth or remote patient monitoring services make use of the current advances in information technology, so we can still gather patient data even outside traditional healthcare settings.
Ventilator Care
If you or your loved ones have difficulty breathing or your body can’t get enough oxygen into the blood, mechanical ventilators will help you move air in and out of your lungs and avoid further respiratory failure.
Tracheostomy Care
The tracheostomy inner cannula tube will need to be cleaned more than two times a day to ensure zero risks of infection. We help patients do this for themselves or assist them daily in this process.

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